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Page modified at: 30/04/2012

Innermost Learning Logo

Innermost Learning is a non profit making organisation dedicated to the provision of education to undergraduate and postgraduate healthcare professionals and students, and healthcare information for the public. The trustees are delighted to announce that Innermost Learning achieved charity status on 20th April 2012 (Charity Number 1146931).  Click here to see our registration details.

Keep an eye out for our new website in June and our programme of events for this year.



Myths and Legends

Myths and LegendsFree evening symposium on

Place of Birth, Stillbirth and Cord Clamping

Wednesday 28th March 2012

Village Hotel Cardiff 


For midwives, nurses, students doctors and midwives and other interested healthcare professionals.
The symposium called "Myths and Legends" will be funded by Innermost Learning who are a non profit making organisation run by local healthcare professionals dedicated to promoting undergraduate and postgraduate education for healthcare professionals. Attendance for delegates would therefore be free but you must register.
Come and share our chocolate fountain and listen to our invited speakers.


Caesarean Birth by Leigh EastLeigh East from www. csections.org will be attending to display and discuss her new bestselling book on Caesarean Section.

“The book is an excellent read, and has already been endorsed by, amongst many others,  James Drife, Phil Steer, Bryan Beattie, and myself. [RCOG members]…It’s a fact that 25% of OUR charges end up having a caesarean and yet there is a paucity of information for mothers and this book address ALL the major issues in a non judgemental manner. It neither promotes caesarean birth nor does it castigate it as a method of childbirth. It is a book that is well overdue, and indeed it is sad that a member of the lay public had to be relied on to come up with it! It is incredibly well researched and referenced, and no serious studies have been excluded by it’s author.  Prof J C Dornan




600pm: Registration and Chocolate Fountain
620pm: “Caesarean Section – A positive approach to preparation and recovery” – Leigh East, founder of Csections.org – a balanced view of caesarean section.

620pm: "Controversies in Obstetrics" - Dr Bryan Beattie MD FRCOG, Consultant in Fetal Medicine

630pm: " The Holly Martin Stillbirth Research Fund" - Mrs Isobel Martin, Founder

700pm: "Unexplained Stillbirth - I Don't believe it!" - Prof Jim Dornan MD FRCOG FRCPI, Ex Senior Vice President RCOG

730pm: Interval and Chocolate Fountain

800pm: "Birthplace Results – Ending the place of birth debate?" – Julia sanders PhD, Consultant Midwife

830pm: "Immediate Cord Clamping - a Form of Torture? " - Dr David Hutchon MD FRCOG, Past President of the Northern Obstetrics and Gynaecological Society

900pm: Close


Angels and Rainbows

Angels and Rainbows

Wednesday 28th March 2011 630pm to 930pm

Village Hotel Cardiff




600pm: Registration and Chocolate Fountain

630pm: "The Babies that Shouldnt Die" - Dr Bryan Beattie, Consultant in Fetal Medicine, University Hospital of Wales

700pm: "Count The Kicks"   - Sophia Mason, Founder of Count The Kicks

730pm: Interval and Chocolate Fountain

800pm: "Newborn Screening for Congenital Heart Disease" - Prof A Ewar, Birmingham Univeristy

830pm: "When a Baby Dies" - Jane Rowlands-Mellor, University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff

900pm: Close




Prevous Past Events


Great Expectations Symposium

Great Expectations Symposium - Prenatal Screening

Wednesday 11th May 2010 from 630pm to 930pm

Village Hotel Cardiff



615pm: Registration and Chocolate Fountain

650pm: Prenatal Screening, Amniocentesis and CVS" - Dr Bryan Beattie, Consultant in Fetal Medicine, University Hospital of Wales

720pm: "Prenatal Screening - some parents perspectives" 

750pm: Interval and Chocolate Fountain

820pm: "CARIS - The All Wales Congenital Anomaly Register". Dr Margery Morgan, Lead Clinician for CARIS

840pm: "Antenatal Results and Choices" - Cheryl Titherly, ARC

900pm: Close


Born Too Soon Symposium

Born Too Soon

Thursday 27th January 2011 630pm to 930pm

Village Hotel Cardiff



630pm: Registration and Chocolate Fountain

700pm: "Screening and Prevention of Preterm Birth" - Dr Bryan Beattie, Consultant in Fetal Medicine, University Hospital of Wales

730pm: "Preterm birth - a parents perspective" 

800pm: Interval and Chocolate Fountain

830pm: "Supporting Families with Preterm Babies" - Jennifer Griffiths, Family Support Teram. BLISS

900pm: "The neonatal and long term implications of premature birth" - Dr Cora Doherty, Consultant Neonatologist, University Hospital of Wales

930pm: Close