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Page modified at: 28/08/2011

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Innermost Secrets provide a range of services for men including those with sexual health problems, erectile dysfunction and those concerned about testicular and prostate cancer.

Innermost Secrets' Men's Health Services

We offer treatment and screening for prostate cancer, as well as testicular cancer screening and impotence aids to tackle the most common of all ailments suffered by men: erectile dysfunction.

The considerate professionals at our clinic are medical experts, and practice to ensure that screening for prostate cancer and testicular cancer is as thorough as possible, and can provide efficient findings on which an appropriate treatment can be based.

Screening for Prostate Cancer

Screening for prostate cancer is recommended for men not even suffering any urinary symptoms of prostate cancer.

Even if symptoms haven't developed, men can still get prostate cancer screening from our clinic, which can potentially identify any evidence of the development of this cancer and treat it effectively before any long-term damage is sustained.

Prostate cancer screening can be performed by our professional medical consultants using a variety of methods to ensure that men are screened as meticulously as possible and misdiagnosis of prostate cancer does not occur.

There are also a variety of ways in which this cancer can be treated post prostate cancer screening. This depends on a range of factors, including patient age, the stage of the cancer and grade of the tumour, to ascertain which treatment will be the most effective in tackling this disease.

Testicular Cancer Screening

Testicular cancer screening is fast becoming more acceptable for men to seek when they fear they may have diagnosed this condition, and there are now many ways in which screening is performed.

Blood tests, ultrasounds and biopsies are used as testicular cancer screening methods to determine whether or not a patient is suffering from testicular cancer.

Treatments for this type of cancer include surgery to actually remove the infected testicle if the infection has become almost untreatable, as well as therapies such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Chances of avoiding testicle removal as the last resort for getting rid of the infection are likely to be increased if men have regular testicular cancer screening sessions.

Erectile Dysfunction and Impotence Aids

Millions of men across the globe receive treatments for erectile dysfunction, and there are so many impotence aids to treat this common condition that there is bound to be something suitable for every man's preferences.

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that can arise due to any number of reasons. If a man suffers from diabetes, high cholesterol or low hormone levels, this can all contribute to the development of erectile dysfunction. However, there is professional help at hand with our expert physicians, who can provide impotence aids to treat this condition.

At Innermost Secrets, Cialis is one of our central impotence aids used to combat erectile dysfunction in men of any age, and is incredibly effective. However, we would like to remind our patients that these impotence aids are not effect on their own, and a certain level of arousal is still required for effectiveness.

Cancer Screenings and ED Aids from Innermost Secrets

If you are looking to receive testicular cancer screening, prostate cancer screening or impotence aids for erectile dysfunction, we can provide you with the advice and services of an array of medical professionals specialising in these areas.

Just visit our men's health pages to find out more.