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Page modified at: 22/06/2010



1. There is no wrong or right time to get fitted for a pre-natal bra, only when your normal bra becomes uncomfortable. If your bra is causing pressure on any developing milk glands then it may cause a blockage in your glands and this may lead to a painful condition known as mastitis.

2. Most ladies will need to go up 2 sizes and 2 cup sizes, however everyone is an individual.

3. Do not make the expensive mistake of simply buying a bigger size - you will probably need to buy a bigger size again later in your pregnancy. Visit a specialist shop instead and ask to be measured properly. The bras you buy should then last you throughout your pregnancy.

4. When purchasing a pre-natal bra make sure that the bra is done up on the tightest hook to ensure growing room. A cleavage is definitely out and there should be no bulges under the arm.

5. Remember, there are no muscles in your breasts so they need support to ensure you regain your pre-pregnancy shape. With the correct support you will avoid upper backache and minimise stretch marks.

6. Underwired bras are not normally recommended when pregnant. The expanding rib cage pushes the wire away from the body and the wires can also dig in often causing discomfort or blocked milk ducts, again leading to mastitis.

7. If you intend to breast feed you will need to buy your nursing bras in the last month of pregnancy, any time after 36 weeks.

8. Again, try and get fitted properly, making sure that your nursing bra is fitted on the loosest setting to allow you to tighten the bra as you regain your pre-pregnancy shape. You would also expect to be at least one cup size bigger than your pre-natal bra to allow for when your milk comes in and a breast pad.

9. Choose an opening which allows easy access to each breast eg a drop cup. Avoid small restrictive openings as this could inhibit your milk flow and possibly cause mastitis.

10. When purchasing your nursing bras you will also need a sleep bra to enable you to wear breast pads at night to avoid leakage onto the sheets so cutting down on the washing pile! Sleep bras are soft and more comfortable and are also good to wear when you are having a day at home.