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Page modified at: 28/08/2011

Sexual HealthSexual Health

At Innermost Secrets we provide a range of counseling and medical services for men, women and couples with Sexual Health Problems such as problems with desire, arousal, orgasm and pain based at the Spire Cardiff Hospital.

We also provide internet ordered home sample kits to screen for Sexually Transmitted Infections such as Bacterial Vaginosis , Chlamydia, Gardnerealla, Gonorrhoea, Herpes Simplex, Mycoplasama, Trichomonas, Ureaplasma, HIV (AIDS), Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and Syphillis. Results are available by confidential text or email.

A Specialist in Genitourinary Medicine is also available for confidential consultations and treatments without the need to for referral from or the need to attend either a GP or an NHS GUM Clinic.

Innermost Secrets for Expert Treatment

Sexual health problems are common. Almost everyone at some point in their lives encounters some kind of issue. These can come in various forms, whether physical or psychological. People can be embarrassed to seek help for their sexual health problems from professionals. While some would be willing to speak to a friend about it, they would be reluctant to speak to a trained medical professional who is familiar with most sexual health problems.

At Innermost Secrets, we provide STI testing, advice and treatment on a wide range of sexual health problems. It may be that a person is ashamed of sexual problems, which can often be left ignored and then go on to have devastating effects on relationships, even leading to separation. While it can be difficult to admit such problems and speak frankly about our sexual health, it is better for your overall wellbeing to seek advice. These can come in the form of reduced or increased libido, erectile dysfunction, orgasm difficulties, and STIs. Not only do we supply the means to carry out a home STI test, but we are able to listen to problems and provide a diagnosis, going on to offer guidance on how to treat your sexual health.

Men and women are both susceptible to a wide range of sexual health problems, some worse than others. Some of these can cause massive trauma to people's emotional happiness. If it is an STI, then a simple STI test can lead to diagnosis and treatment. Finding the courage to undergo STI testing can be difficult but it is essential that you seek treatment if you believe you have contracted an infection. Not only are STIs a major contribution to poor sexual health but they can also be a major danger to others. If you are having, or have had, unprotected intercourse with someone, then you should undergo an STI test.

Sexual health problems can be a massive impediment in people's lives. Most people consider sex to be a key part of their lifestyle and identity, and STIs can be detrimental to this, through pain or shame. Innermost Secrets are able to provide STI testing kits, which can be ordered online. Once received, urine or blood samples can be taken within the privacy of your own home as part of an STI test. Once the STI testing is complete, the samples can then be sent back to our experts, who will analyse them and provide a diagnosis.

The main sexual health issues that people will be aware of are STIs in their many forms. Despite all of the information available, many people still have unprotected sex with little or no thought to the consequences. Despite this, many will still feel ashamed to undergo STI testing, which is where the benefits of a home STI test come in. Using this method, people will not need to speak to anyone, face to face, about their behaviour or private sexual health concerns. For an STI test and STI testing, and all issues related to sexual health, contact Innermost Secrets.