• Just Giving

    Another inspiring story from a Mum who didn't get to take her baby home just reached us here at Innermost Secrets.  She experienced reduced movements later in her pregnancy (she ...

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  • Get knitted! (or crochet if you prefer)

    Any of you who have attended one of our Parentcraft classes is likely to have met Libby, our midwife.  She also works at UHW and is trying to promote skin ...

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  • Book review

    This blog has been a bit neglected lately as life got in the way of cyber postings but gathering dust on my bookshelf sat a book that Dr Beattie had ...

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Page modified at: 17/01/2010

At Innermost Secrets we think that the views of all of our patients, the healthcare professionals we deal with and our staff are vital to monitoring the quality of all of our services and also helping us to make them even better.

This section of our website is to allow you to share your views, experiences and suggestions.