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"When we found out I was pregnant with our second child, we decided to have private antenatal with Innermost Secrets as I had had some problems after the birth of my first child and we wanted the extra peace of mind that they could offer us.

Mr Beattie looked after us from our booking appointment, right through my elective caesarean and to my post-natal appointment. We looked forward to the regular scans to see how the baby was growing, and was able to book the caesarean in advance, which really helped us to plan childcare for our daughter whilst we had the baby.

We would definitely recommend Innermost Secrets for private antenatal as the extra reassurance and peace of mind that you get far out ways the cost."

Rachel (Cardiff)

"Having had previous pregnancy problems, we were so grateful of the support given by Mr Beattie and all the staff at Innermost Secrets. We were given a really personal service, and the rate of response as well as the reassurance given meant that the pregnancy was far less stressful than it would otherwise have been. Sincere thanks."

Kathryn and Antony (Cardiff)



"I was uneasy about having a baby in a foreign country. As an American living in the UK, I was apprehensive about the health care system, my antenatal care and birthing experience. 

After seeking out recommendations from local friends and a doctor in the US, I found Dr. Bryan Beattie at Innermost Secrets. Dr. Beattie provided the consistency of care, personalization and expertise I was searching for. He provided advanced testing and ultrasound options I could not easily get elsewhere. 

Thanks to Dr. Beattie I felt confident in my medical care and happily welcomed a healthy baby. " 

Sarah (Cardiff)

"My wife and I have placed the care of our new baby daughter with the skills and expertise of Innermost Secrets from week 10 of pregnancy up to and including delivery.  The feeling of trust and safety is second to none, its very simple, we would not risk the life of our most treasured asset with anyone else."

Keith and Elizabeth (Hereford)


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