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    This blog has been a bit neglected lately as life got in the way of cyber postings but gathering dust on my bookshelf sat a book that Dr Beattie had ...

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Page modified at: 21/02/2010

I enjoy working at Innermost Secrets as I feel that the team of a sonographer, midwife and obstetrician works very well together. The  patient can see us all in turn and it is a nice relaxed atmosphere. It  is lovely to be able to perform your job with no great time pressures  and to be able to spend sufficient time showing the parents their baby  and answering any questions they may have. The large television  monitor is great to demonstrate exactly what we are looking at and is  very reassuring for parents as they can follow the scan on the big  screen. Patients generally seem to be very appreciative that you have  been so thorough and taken the time to explain everything in detail.  We often have patients who are very apprehensive prior to their scan  and it is a very rewarding job when you can reassure them that their  pregnancy is going well .

Karen (Sonographer)