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Page modified at: 28/08/2011

Womens Health

At Innermost Secrets we provide a range of ultrasound and medical services for both pregnant and non-pregnant women based at the Spire Cardiff Hospital.

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Pregnant women

can have screening tests for Down Syndrome such as the Nuchal Translucency Scan and the Quad Test and diagnostic tests such as Chorionic Villus Sampling and Amniocentesis. We offer a range of pregnancy scans and special scan packages (such as the Safe 4 Baby Scan Package) or even fully private antenatal care. Private Parentcraft Classes will be available from February 2010 based at the Village Hotel, Cardiff.

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Non pregnant women

can access consultations, specialist tests and treatment for miscarriage, problems with fertility including the Body Clock Test to assess future fertility and screening for Ovarian Cancer, Cervical Cancer and Uterine Cancer. We also have specialist services for women with psychosexual problems, pelvic pain, urinary incontinence and prolapse and other gynecological problems

Innermost Secrets have a wide range of medical procedures and treatments to assess and improve women's health. Some of these are related to pregnancy, such as the amniocentesis test and the chorionic villus sampling, but there are also others dealing with prenatal care, as well as general health and wellbeing, such as cervical cancer screening and ovarian cancer screening. These treatments may sound complicated, but we aim to make them as easy and pain-free as possible.

An amniocentesis test is mostly used to check for Down's Syndrome, but can also be used to test for other genetic disorders. This should be undergone by women who have had been made aware of a possible problem on an ultrasound scan which could suggest a chromosomal abnormality. An amniocentesis test should also be carried out on women who have had a pregnancy, or a child with a genetic condition which they have been told is detectable by the test. Women with a family history of genetic disorders should receive the amniocentesis test, as should women aged over 36 who also missed the screening tests for Down's syndrome. The amniocentesis test is performed by taking a small sample of amniotic fluid from around the womb, which contains cells from the baby to be tested upon. The amniocentesis test is very accurate, and rarely fails to give a clear result.

Another treatment we can give is chorionic villus sampling, which is where a cellular sample is taken from the placenta and tested for genetic disorders. Chorionic villus sampling is different to the above test as it can be performed earlier in the pregnancy, usually between 10 and 13 weeks in. Chorionic villus sampling is done either by inserting a needle through the abdomen, or through the cervix. Results from chorionic villus sampling are typically available within 10-14 days. Whilst taking chorionic villus sampling, the medical professional may use an ultrasound scan as guidance.

For non-pregnant women, other treatments available at Innermost Secrets include cervical cancer screening and ovarian cancer screening. Cervical cancer screening is done by taking a small sample of cells from the surface of the cervix, and then analysing it. The government advise that women between 20 and 64 should undergo cervical cancer screening once every five years at the very least, yet some experts recommend that sexually active women opt for a test every three years.

The cervical cancer screening test can detect cervical cancer in the early stages which can be missed if someone does not undergo cervical cancer screening. Ovarian cancer screening with Innermost Secrets is usually performed either by an internal examination to detect enlarged ovaries, a blood test or an ultrasound, though which one our professionals use will depend on the individual and the symptoms she may or may not be showing, and the medical expert will use their discretion to decide which method of ovarian cancer screening would be best suited. Ovarian cancer screening can detect symptoms of ovarian cancer early, which may then lead to more effective treatment and a better survival rate. Our ovarian cancer screening is carried out by professional, skilled experts, and is just one of the many services we offer women of all ages.