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Page modified at: 04/12/2009

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Coffee break

Before you reach for 'just the one' coffee to keep you going whilst doing your Christmas shopping, it might be worth looking at a new study and then deciding on decaf if you are pregnant.

Researchers tested the caffeine level in cups of espresso coffee (which is also used to make cappucino and latte drinks as well as others) and found that caffeine levels varied widely depending on which coffee shop was selling them.  Pregnant women are currently recommended to limit their caffeine intake to no more than 200mg per day.  Some drinks were found to contain more than this in a single shot!

Take heart though, most standard coffee drinks contain around 50mg of caffeine but if your favourite chain sells what you think is 'strong' coffee then it might be worth giving it a miss until your little one is safely with you (and you really will need coffee!!)